Aroma Catering Vt
Personal Chef Services
menu planning and
in-house catering services
event planning
meal preparation
cooking and baking
classes for corporate team building and individuals

About Us

We are boutique Personal Chef service offering menu-planning and in-house catering services and event planning. Fun and educational hands-on cooking and baking classes for corporate team building and individuals. Event venue available.

When was the last time you were a guest at your own party? Do you ever dream of opening the fridge to find all your favorites, fresh, healthy, nutritious home made meals meticulously prepared with care? Food is Love. Your Personal Chef will custom design and prepare healthy, nutritious flavor-packed meals that are 100% delicious, with your taste buds and lifestyle in mind.

Do you wish you could focus better and have more energy? Food is Medicine. We work with your doctor and nutritionist to help you stay on track with your dietary needs and shorten your road to recovery.

Aroma Catering VT is your passport to global cuisine. We bring the world to your table, one dish at a time. Healthy gourmet never tasted this delicious.

Bon Appetit • Pofta Buna • Provecho • Buon Appetito • Guten Appetit • καλή όρεξη • Bom Apetite • Buen Provecho • Dobar Tek